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JulyHost: Born as HostingPot in 2017, now powering 600+ websites. With servers strategically located worldwide, we're a hosting company that's out to make a difference. Join us on our mission to elevate your online experience!

600+ Websites and Counting

JulyHost is now proudly managing the hosting infrastructure, hardware and platform for 600+ websites, blogs and systems.

Privately Owned and Operated

JulyHost is a hosting platform owned by JulyBrands Digital. We now provide one of Uganda’s fastest-growing hosting platforms designed for the reseller market.

Expertly Built for Performance

Our unique stack offers unparalleled performance for your websites. Lovingly hosted on our in-house built NVMe cloud in the UK and Germany.

Customer Reviews

We pride ourselves on providing reliable and affordable hosting solutions, and our satisfied customers agree. Customers rave about our web hosting services: Read their reviews!

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